Yulia Rudko Presents

Elevate your pleasure

All Summer Long

June 13 – August 22

  • Learn how to connect to your innate aliveness
  • Learn how to re-invigorate your creativity 
  • Get to enjoy yourself and get turned on by life 
  • Learn how to integrate pleasure into your every day experience
Elevate Your Pleasure Senses Embodiment

The 3-Month Experience and Mastermind

June 13 – August 22

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to elevate your pleasure and enjoyment of life. By participating in the mastermind you will be able to integrate all the practices.

Have you experienced one or a few of the following feelings LATELY?

  • Feeling disconnected from pleasure as if it’s meant for other people, but not you?
  • Wondering through your day feeling numb or not engaged with people around you or tasks you need to perform?
  • Not wanting to get out of bed and start the day? Calling in sick to work? Watching too much TV?
  • Eating when you are not hungry just to feel yourself up with something?
  • Drinking more alcohol or consuming more pot?
  • Or maybe doing things that you love, but you do them on autopilot and you miss out on pleasure they can give you


Elevate Your Pleasure will make you feeling more of these:

  • Wake up and feel alive and excited about life
  • Wake up and look forward to your creations and contributions to the world
  • Have more access to creativity and imagination
  • Renewed connection to the rhythms and needs of
    your body
  • Increased awareness of PLEASURE of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching…
  • Ability to draw PLEASURE from unexpected sources
  • Having greater capacity for Joy, PLEASURE, and all kind of Goodness in your life
  • Creating enlivening and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others

wHY dO IT?

Think about all the benefits you will gain from attending this mastermind:

laughing  Elevated Pleasure, and therefore Improved Health

laughing  Self-Growth, and the incredible host of benefits that stems from it

laughing  Improved Self-Regulation skills

laughing  Fun and Play All Summer

laughing  Connection with other fun people like you

laughing  Learning and Growing with EASE and JOY

laughing  Improved ability to tune in to yourself and to Life itself

Now… think if you don’t attend this experience and mastermind:

Things will remain the same … boring undecided

Capacity to experience pleasure might drop even more frown

Possibly get deeper into not such healthy patterns of behavior as overeating, drinking, TV-watching undecided

Mind will tune into more negativity instead of pleasure yell

Develop more disempowering beliefs and behaviours cry

Possibly increased chance of break-ups with loved ones cry

Possibly going deeper into anxiety, depression or numbness cry

Elevate Your Pleasure

I am inviting you to be A PLEASURE REBEL with me!

With all that we’ve been through in the last year and with all that’s still happening, it is of outmost importance to connect to your own self: your body, your senses, your feelings and your aspirations. PLEASURE IS THE PATH! Let’s CELEBRATE LIFE together!


♥  Celebration – Intention Setting – Introduction

♥  6 Holistic Modules on How to Elevate Your Pleasure

♥  Live teaching sessions (will be recorded for restream)

♥  Exciting and Fun assignments

♥  Pre-recorded content of guidance and practices

♥  Pleasure Journal (can be downloaded or followed with your own)

♥  Pleasure practices that you can implement into your every day

♥  Accountability partner system

♥  Check-in & sharing with your accountability partner and the group

♥  Community Facebook Group

♥  Pleasure Gift Box (will be awarded for the most eager participant)

♥  Closing Ceremony – Celebration!

♥  Life-Long Shift and Skills


yulia rudko laughing

Who is your guide?

Yulia Rudko has extensive training in Embodiment Practices and Healing Modalities. She has advanced training in yoga, yoga therapy, somatic erotic healing, emotional and trauma healing, core and pelvic floor restoration, Ayurveda, Thai massage, Reiki, and Yoga Thrive for cancer survirvors.  Through private sessions, group yoga and her transformational programs and retreats, Yulia’s mission is to assist those who are called to step into their higher selves, where they are living embodied concious lives. Lives that are filled with divine joy of being and pleasure of being in this human form.  Her mission is to reconnect people to mother Earth, to Prana, original divine nature not clouded by physical and psychic toxins. 

Yulia’s approach is nurturing and accepting of people’s journeys and current conditions. She creates a safe environment for students and clients to connect with their bodies and each other. Yulia believes the body and mind are amazing and that we are each powerful beings. She encourages people to listen to their innate body wisdom in order to heal, move forward and thrive.

Reiki Healing Yulia Rudko
Yulia Rudko yoga therapy

From YULIA’S Clients

Just a few kind words from people who had attended yoga classes or healing sessions with Yulia

I have been taking weekly yoga classes with Yulia for about seven years now.

I like the way Yulia talks us through the whole practice. It helps me focus and stay in the moment. It helps keep my mind from wandering. Sometimes when I arrive at practice my mind starts running to the end of the class right away and my struggle to centre and focus manifests through my body’s twitching. Within the first few minutes of practice with Yulia I can calm my mind and focus my attention and quiet the twitching. This is critical for me and one of the many reasons I enjoy my yoga practice with Yulia.


“I am so greatful to have you in my life. You are always such a breath of fresh air in a sometimes volatile world. Thank you for sharing your light and your love, and for making the world a better place.”


“If you are just starting out with yoga or looking to take your practice to the next level, Yulia is the perfect teacher to help.

Combining extensive yoga experience with an in-depth knowledge of human physiology, Yulia offers more than a simple yoga practice. With a focus on full body health (from strength and flexibility to focusing on parts of the body such as the lymphatic system or gut health to guided breathing and meditation), Yulia builds a strategic yet thoughtful practice every class. In addition, her warmth and empathy also lead her to focus on mental wellness and she encourages a practice space that is welcoming, non-judgmental and filled with laughter. 
If you are looking for a yoga practice that’s more than just a good workout, this class is for you. You will leave feeling stronger, calmer and happier. ”

“Just to let you know how wonderful yoga teacher you are and great person. Don’t ever stop making people happy!”


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