Transformation & Healing with Yulia Rudko

Had enough of feeling not enough?

Tired of judging and doubting yourself?

Want better for yourself and need a guide
who knows what it’s like in your shoes?

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Healing from
trauma is possible

I speak from my own experience. I used to struggle so much with anxiety, self-doubt, worry, tension, stomach aches, menstrual cramps, sleeplessness, fears, feeling of worthlessness and never being enough. In my journey I discovered knowledge, practices, methods and techniques that help to melt away those harsh imprints of trauma and opression. You don’t need to continue to struggle anymore.

How do you meet life’s demands?

This short quiz is designed to help you gauge the health of your nervous system responses. It will be helpful for persons that have awareness of their trauma and also for persons who might be unaware or in denial of having been traumatized or opressed. 

How do I approach healing

My approach is nurturing and accepting of people’s journeys and current conditions. With my appreciation and knowledge of our autonomic nervous system I create a safe environment for students and clients to connect with their bodies and each other. I believe that our bodies and minds are amazing and that we are each powerful beings. I encourage people to listen to their innate body wisdom in order to heal, move forward and thrive.

My service

Through private sessions, group yoga, and my transformational programs and retreats, my mission is to assist those who need and want healing from trauma, those who are called to step into their higher selves, where they are living embodied conscious lives. Lives that are filled with the divine joy of being and pleasure of abiding in this human form. My mission is to reconnect people to mother Earth, to Prana (Energy), and to original divine nature not clouded by physical and psychic toxins.

Yoga Classes

Currently I am offering two different registered yoga programs:

  • Yoga for Strength and Stability
    Tuesdays 6pm on September 14, 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19, and 26.
  • Yoga for Mobility and Flexibility
    Thursdays 6pm on September 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21, and 28.

    Please contact me with any questions.

Happy Students


“If you are just starting out with yoga or looking to take your practice to the next level, Yulia is the perfect teacher to help.

Combining extensive yoga experience with an in-depth knowledge of human physiology, Yulia offers more than a simple yoga practice. With a focus on full body health (from strength and flexibility to focusing on parts of the body such as the lymphatic system or gut health to guided breathing and meditation), Yulia builds a strategic yet thoughtful practice every class. In addition, her warmth and empathy also lead her to focus on mental wellness and she encourages a practice space that is welcoming, non-judgmental and filled with laughter.
If you are looking for a yoga practice that’s more than just a good workout, this class is for you. You will leave feeling stronger, calmer and happier. ”

- Julie

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